How to join

AuSIF offers three annual membership types:

  • Community membership for free, entitles you to notification of all events and access to forums and discussion groups
  • Individual membership for $50 per annum, entitles you to attend all paid seminars at discounted member rates
  • Company memberships (cost based on company revenue) entitles anyone in your company to attend all seminars at member rates

You can join AuSIF by either :

  1. Downloading, completing then submitting this membership application form
  2. Using the on-line member ship form

The benefits of membership

AuSIF is committed to providing services that can benefit the needs of our diverse member companies. We assist them to:

  • Stay in touch with the issues and challenges facing companies involved with IT including Enterprise and Java technologies
  • Understand how to approach and address these issues and challenges
  • Interact with and influence the IT community

AuSIF ‘s current financial company members include:

Redhat, Ingres Australia, Multimedia Victoria, CBDWeb, Oakton, Ecetera, Swinburne, Renewtek, Shine Technologies, Toll Corporate, DIUS Computing, Axe Group, AXA Australia, Fatwire Software, SMS Management & Technology, Religare Technova Global Solutions (Australia) Pty Ltd

AuSIF offers the following benefits to members:


AuSIF seminars are held 7-10 times a year in Melbourne. These seminars provide case-studies of IT projects and address relevant current issues to assist the attendees understand the challenges of development within the enterprise. AuSIF fosters collaboration amongst members. Finding out what has worked and what has not and the issues and challenges of development assists the whole membership to increase their knowledge and skills. Seminars start with a seminar followed by drinks and canapes which provide opportunities for attendees to network and speak to presenters.

Networking and alliance building

AuSIF through its community and events provides networking opportunities for members with other members, potential clients and suppliers. Encouraging greater collaboration and formation of alliances is one of AuSIF ‘s ongoing priorities

Industry Intelligence

Opportunities to gain a better understanding of market activity and generally getting to know “who’s who in the zoo” is of great importance to AuSIF members. Other information from member companies and through our alliances is available exclusively to AuSIF members from time to time.


Through an ”’online news group”’, AuSIF members can raise questions and news to other members. The combined knowledge of the AuSIF group is a valuable source for any company involved in IT deployment


AuSIF is committed to assisting members with their staff training needs and skills enhancement