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Over just 12 months, 420,000 AUSkey digital certificates have been issued. Discover why, and learn how this Federal Government initiative fits into the future of Australian business communication.

Hear from industry architects and agency representatives on the pivotal players connecting business with Government … and each other, including:
• AUSkey
• Standard Business Reporting
• SuperStream

Learn of the huge potential which is available to your organisation by integrating this technology with your existing software.
Connect with developers actively involved in current and future initiatives.
Gain the knowledge to make your products interact with Government and business technology in the future.
Keynote speakers include:

John McAlister (BIO)
ATO Assistant Commissioner, Standard Business Reporting
ATO Assistant Registrar, AUSKey

John presents a detailed view on the evolution of Standard Business Reporting and the growing list of government agencies utilising AUSkey for business interaction.

David Field and Ann White
Landmark Software Pty Ltd
Presentation of an innovative EDI solution with the potential to be used by every Australian business. Together with the project’s senior software architect, they demonstrate the power of leveraging AUSkey and SBR technology for B2B communication.

This will be accompanied by the release of a world first business model allowing the software Industry to share in this initiative by investing in or deriving a revenue stream from a new public company.

Mike Leditschke (BIO)
Standard Business Reporting Architect
As the Standard Business Reporting architect, Mike offers a unique perspective on the predominantly open source development project.

The Australian Government has a problem. Business are complaining about their reporting compliance burden and internally the government administrative officers must manually enter the details from tens of thousands of business documents per month into their systems – at great cost and risk of error.  Thousands of support calls are made each month, many due to these avoidable errors.

The promise of the  Standard Business Reporting (SBR) initiative is it will help, both business and government, to save time, reduce errors and provide certainty that reporting obligations have been met by streamlining business-to-government financial reporting processes.

Philip Hind (BIO)

ATO First Assistant Commissioner Superannuation

Philip leads the Data Standards and E-Commerce project that will implement SuperStream reforms, set to radically improve superannuation industry business processes and streamline communications between businesses and superannuation funds.