Evidence-based Software Engineering

Learn how we build software today to construct it better tomorrow


How do developers approach software development? Are they predictable? What are means to create and maintain software? Does the programming language influence solution design? Is there consistency in the type and location of bugs? Can we evolve a software system using agile practices into a large and complex one? Does test-driven development improve quality? These are just a few questions that evidence-based software engineering seeks to answer. In this talk, we provide some insights based on results stemming from studies of the evolution and maintenance histories of 100s of software systems. And even though this line of research is relatively new, its outcomes provide valuable directions that can help improving developer productivity and inform projects plans.

Date Tuesday 17th April, 2012

Time 17:30 – 20:00
ATC Building, Level 4, Room 420
Swinburne University, Hawthorn

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ATC building (see arrow) Burwood Road side.

About the speaker

Dr. Markus Lumpe is a Senior Lecturer of Computer Science and Software Engineering at the Faculty of Information and Communication Technologies at Swinburne University of Technology. He has a Diplom-Ingenieur (Dipl.-Ing.) form Dresden University of Technology and a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Berne. He has worked in industry and academia in Germany, Switzerland, and the USA. His research interests include the design and implementation of programming languages, software composition, empirical software analysis, and software evolution.