iOS and Android – Opportunities and Pain Points

iOS and Android – Opportunities and Pain Points

May 3rd 2011

Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS are rapidly becoming dominant in the smart phone/tablet market. Both Google and Apple have put enormous resources into the development of these platforms, seeing them as key front end components of their cloud based strategies. How should Australian businesses and developers regard these efforts and take advantage of them? Which to choose? Which to avoid? Come along to the next AUSIF forum and find out about both the opportunities and the pain points from the experts.

Dr Rajesh Vasa is a lecturer at Swinburne University and Director (Technology and Strategy) at Thought Green Technologies. Dr. Vasa teaches software development for mobile devices in the Faculty of ICT. He is currently working on a platform architecture that will enable doctors use of tablets to support patient interaction.

Daniel Bradby is Co-Founder and Director of jTribe, a team of consultants and engineers creating applications for the Android and iPhone/iPad mobile platforms. jTribe have now released more than 40 commercial ‘apps’, both under the jTribe label and for profile clients. Daniel’s experience working with IBM, Myer, NAB and the Metropolitan Fire Brigade is sure to provide a sound basis for relating to the members of AUSIF on how to approach development for the Android mobile platform

Paul Chapman, Co-founder and Director of Long Weekend LLC, a location-free and independent developer of mobile software. Long Weekend focuses mainly on product development for Apple’s highly successful iOS platform. A serial entrepreneur, Paul previously co-founded cvMail, a successful SAAS startup now owned by Thomson Reuters. Having made commercial software for over 15 years, Paul offers AUSIF members the benefits of his experience building iOS apps for fun and profit. Paul is also an Adjunct Fellow in Mobile Software at Swinburne University and a semi-professional Angry Birds player.