The New World of Data

The New World of Data

The NO SQL bandwagon is certainly rolling hard. It has escaped nobody’s attention that some of the largest and most heavily used data repositories in the world use non-relational technology. But there are also revolutionary technology changes occurring within the Relational Database world. What are all these new technologies and what does the new data storage landscape look like?



Neil Belford, Chief Architect at Base2Services is one of Australias pre-eminent specialists in Lean Software Architecture. Neil developed the the B2B technology strategy for NBNCo and the specifications for the B2B systems across the Australian utilities markets. He has extensive experience in online classifieds, and designed the customer reporting solution for Australia’s largest real estate site.

Randolph Pullen, Founder and Architect at DeepCloud built his first data warehouse in 1986. He has designed data warehouses for assorted industries and governments and worked for the likes of Telstra and Greenplum. For the last few years he has been working exclusively in the MPP data warehouse field. Randolph is currently working on an ultra fast MPP system based around supercomputers and Vectorwise nodes.

Glen Rabie is the CEO and founder of Yellowfin, a global Business Intelligence (BI) software vendor headquartered in Melbourne, Australia. Glen has had a long career in data and analytics. Starting with National Australia Bank’s data warehouse project through to the founding of Yellowfin. Glen remains passionate about data and the ability for organisations to extract value from their data assets.

Chris Berkhout, Technical Director at China Policy, has worked professionally in Australia, Germany, Afghanistan and China with responsibilities covering data modelling and analysis, system administration, education and application development. Prior to joining China Policy, Chris worked with a Melbourne start-up to build a product addressing the needs of the legal and professional services industries.

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