Social Media as an Application of Disruptive Technology

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Date: Tuesday 25th September, 2012
Time: 17:30 – 20:00

Venue: Ground Floor, KPMG Building, 147 Collins Street, Melbourne



It is arguable that there have been three forms of disruption – personal computers, the world wide web and social media.

The web has been a great tool for the transmission of ideas and documents. However, social media has been able to take the experience to a new level as this medium is more about people, their ideas and relationships and is more dynamic than our traditional play on the internet. The information exchange in social media has created a new form of participatory journalism that has seen news and marketing become less centralized resulting in more power being placed in the hands of the individual.

Today, social media is mobile. Smart phones and iPads and other tablets make a person’s participation in this new medium very easy, streamlined and seamless.

Business must embrace social media. Embrace, Engage or Die! Business leaders must understand that the power and influence of social media is not going to slow or diminish over time. It is not a passing fad. In fact, platforms like Facebook, Twitter and the mobile platforms on which they are supported only seek to influence and accelerate its influence and power. With over one billion people offering their opinion online, it is demonstratively clear that this medium has eclipsed our lives, the way we interact and do business.

The message is clear – “Get onboard”!

About the Speakers

Damien Schulze B.A., LL.B., Grad Dip Com Law (Comm)

Chief Operating Officer at MyRecruitOnline Pty Ltd and Marketing and Legal Director at DC123 Pty Ltd

Favourite Phrase: ‘The office of the future won’t have chairs”

If there’s one thing Damien knows for sure it’s that nothing in the business world stays the same. Whilst a commercial lawyer with Minter Ellison and Holding Redlich, Damien was responsible for running multi-million dollar property transactions and has seen first hand the importance of watching the market and adapting accordingly.

He was Chair of Marketing for a community bank and a trainer of up and coming lawyers, and believes that one of the biggest challenges successful businesses face today is satisfying the demands of a new generation of knowledge workers – the “Generation iPhone Brigade!” The modern worker will not work with antique, inflexible technology that forces them to make all of the decisions, trapping them at their desk where they must sit and push buttons.

It may seem like sci-fi, but Damien believes the office of the future won’t have chairs – all work will be attended to on your feet and on the run, whilst technology, programmed by you, takes care of the day-to-day processes. With MyRecruitOnline and DC123, he is making this a reality.