Functional Languages

Functional languages

An Introduction to Erlang


Erlang is a functional programming language which has proven effective for implementing soft real time systems requiring high reliability and a wide range of scaling. The language itself is relatively simple and fairly easy to learn, furthermore, many of the concepts behind Erlang are transferable and beneficial to both structured and object oriented programming.

At the end of this talk, attendees, should be able to write a simple Erlang program, understand the design principles behind the language that make it well suited for writing reliable, scalable and soft realtime programs.

Date Day Month 2013 (TBC)

Time Time  (TBC)
Venue  (map)   (TBC)
Room TD120 in the TD Building situated on the Northern edge of the campus
Swinburne University, Hawthorn

Swinburne Building TD

About the speaker

The presenter, Maurice Castro, wrote one of the early Erlang compilers while a researcher at the Software Engineering Research Centre at RMIT. He continues to admire the Erlang language and try to find excuses to use it. Subsequently, he has done user interface research, run an Internet Service Provider, developed an AJAX based appointment reminder system, and done far too much systems administration. He is a member of SAGE-AU, MSOSUG, ACM and IEEE-CS.

More info on Maurice can be found here